Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Embellish This Competition

The "Embellish This" competition is being held here. I was lucky enough to make it through 4 of the 6 rounds of the competition. It was a great competition - so very inspiring and challenging to get us to think out side our normal comfort zone and do something a little bit different.

Here are the four projects I did for the competition:-
I wish everyone who is still in the competition the best and happy scrapping :-)


Another Reiss update

12 November 2009

Reiss @ 16w 6d now weighs 7.2kg, length 6
6cm and head circumference 42cm.

Reiss is now "talking" so much, giving us the biggest giggles - which are absolutely adorable :-), he has now rolled over from his tummy to his back, he has had his first swim in mum and dads pool, he is also reaching for toys and "playing" with them.

Here are some pics:-


Seeing a little snowflake again :-)

12 November 2009

I was asked again by a very good friend to be her support person for her 10 week scan as her DH was working again and unable to attend. It was absolutely amazing to see her little snowflake again, snowflake has grown and changed so much since the last time. We saw snowflake do a little jump which was so very exciting and cute. Everything is looking absolutely perfect with her little snowflake, which is such great news. It was an absolute honour to share this experience with her again.
Here is a pic of little snowflake :-)


29 October 2009

We took the boys to Dreamworld and Tanyah, Katie and Ben also came along with us. Before we left we measured Ethan to see how tall he was and we discovered that he was 120cm tall which happened to be tall enough to go on all the thrill rides at Dreamworld, something that he has always wanted to go on. The first ride of the day was the Rapto
r Rollercoaster. Ethan went on the Cyclone rollercoaster 3 times and also went on the Tower of Terror. Tanyah and I went on the Cyclone together with the kids - it was definitely a thrill going on that and Tanyah and I screamed and laughed the whole ride. It was a very busy and very fun day for everyone - we all had a great time :-)

Here are a few pics from the day:-


Reiss update

21 October 2009

Took Reiss to the ECN today for a check up - @ 13w 5d he weighs 6.56kg, length 62.5 and head circumference 41cm.