Tuesday, November 17, 2009


29 October 2009

We took the boys to Dreamworld and Tanyah, Katie and Ben also came along with us. Before we left we measured Ethan to see how tall he was and we discovered that he was 120cm tall which happened to be tall enough to go on all the thrill rides at Dreamworld, something that he has always wanted to go on. The first ride of the day was the Rapto
r Rollercoaster. Ethan went on the Cyclone rollercoaster 3 times and also went on the Tower of Terror. Tanyah and I went on the Cyclone together with the kids - it was definitely a thrill going on that and Tanyah and I screamed and laughed the whole ride. It was a very busy and very fun day for everyone - we all had a great time :-)

Here are a few pics from the day:-


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