Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reiss @ 9 months

I cannot believe that Reiss is now more than 9 months old!  Wow, time is really flying by so fast at the moment.  Everyone is telling me that he is such a "little boy" now - that makes me sad that he is going to be a toddler soon and not my baby baby anymore.

His stats at 9 months are:-
Weight - 10.76 kgs
Height - 75.5cm (he grew 1cm in a month!)
Head circumference - 46cm

He is loving his food and his eating at least 3 meals a day, I am still breastfeeding and feed on demand.
He is pretty mobile, although still not crawling yet (he is starting to get up on all fours at the moment), he rolls himself everywhere, he is starting to roll away from us at the moment and go into his room or our bedroom from the loungeroom.  His smile just melts my heart, he is just adorable!

I am still yet to get a look-in in the talking department - still all bubba and dadda.
Here are some pics:-


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