Friday, May 14, 2010

Red Shoes and Cupcakes

It was my birthday on Wednesday and I got spoilt!  I got a pink Zutter and pink carry case from Brendan and the boys, got taken out to lunch by Mum and Dad (it was a lovely lunch and shared a bottle of wine with mum), I bought some red shoes & some black shoes and a top (from Mum and Dad), Nicky brought over the most devine chocolate cupcakes for my birthday and I got a lovely felt cupcake handmade by Tanyah :-)

Here are my new red shoes, I just love them!  I have always wanted to have a pair of red shoes since watching Wizard of Oz as a young girl (it is still one of my fave movies and I still love watching it) and I have never owned red shoes until now.

Here are the chocolate cupcakes that Nicky made - they were so very yummy!  They looked gorgeous and they tasted devine :-)

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