Thursday, January 23, 2014

Big Day Out 2014!

I attended the Gold Coast Big Day Out 2014 on Sunday 19 January with my hubby and good friend Sara.

We all had a blast!  It was a great day, although it was very very hot (which is usual for BDO in January).

The absolute highlight of the day was PEARL JAM!  This is the first time I have seen Pearl Jam since I fell in love with their music and had a crush on Eddie Vedder some 20 years ago.  They were AWESOME!!!!!!!!  They played for 2 hours 20 mins - although Eddie wanted to keep going but they wouldnt let him.

We also saw Primus and Mudhoney - which was a great blast from the past.  We saw a few different things in the boiler room and saw some of Northlane.

I only had my Iphone on the day - here are a couple of pics.



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